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Lindsey’s top 5 tools for at-home dog grooming

🐶I use all these on my dogs when not at work!!🐶

🐾A Soft Slicker brush (not crazy expensive but not one you get from a grocery store either) I suggest Miller Forge, Top Paw, or Paw Brothers brands. (All these can be found at PetEdge or Ryan’s Pet Supplies)

🐾A pair of scissor-type nail trimmers: see brands above.

🐾I swear by cleansing wipes, I currently have a puppy so I use them A LOT!!! Wiping feet is easier, cleaning fannies, if they chew an ink pen? I love Tropicleans' deodorizing pet wipes the best. But I am a sucker for deals at Home Goods (and they always have a ton!!)

🐾For the short haired dog like beagles, pugs, labs, etc., I recommend the KONG Zoom Groom!!! (If no other brush get this one!) Dogs love it and it’s easy for at-home care! For long haired dogs like Golden’s, Poodles, Doodles, shihtzu’s, Cav’s, etc. I recommend a Greyhound comb. It is a must have! Used with a slicker brush! Slicker brush first then use the comb!

🐾And last but not least: Shampoo! My absolute fav is the John Paul Oatmeal shampoo. I use it on my own dogs. (Especially the pesky little puppy of mine who gets weekly at-home baths, LOL ) If you can’t find it, anything from Tropiclean!!! I use that brand all the time at work and at home!


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