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Puppy 101: Training and Discipline

It is important to start basic obedience when the dog is still a young puppy. Animal Medical Center on Romany's Dr. Donworth shares some tips for training and discipline for your new puppy.

1. No biting.

Puppy Open Mouth AMC Romany Training Your Dog

A family pet should NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances put their teeth on human skin, even in play.

This is the most important lesson of all.

All puppies bite. It does not make them a 'bad' dog, but it is important to teach them not to do it. We will show you training techniques to solve this problem.

2. Practice touching.

Your puppy should accept you handling them on every part of their body.

Practice every day by opening their mouths and putting your fingers gently on the tongue (this makes giving pills easy later.)

Put your finger tip in the top of their ear canals (this makes giving ear medication easier.)

Play with their toes on all four paws (this makes nail trimming MUCH easier.)

3. Learn basic commands.

All puppies can learn basic commands from six weeks old. "Sit" is an easy place to start.

Training them from a young age teaches them how to learn.

If you are not sure how to train your dog, we can recommend several local training clubs/classes.

Ask at your next appointment or call the office at 859-268-1780.

4. Be social

Exposing your puppy to lots of different people, situations, and children is critical.

Let them play with other dogs that you know are fully vaccinated and not aggressive.

It's important, however, to avoid dog parks until they have had their full series of puppy vaccinations.

Have more questions about training your new dog? Ask at your next visit! Schedule an appointment by calling Animal Center on Romany at 859-268-1780. Dr. Donworth believes in spending a lot of time with new puppy owners to set you on the right path to having a healthy, happy, well behaved family dog.

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